Cross Park Youth

2020 Events

October 7, 7-8pm – “How to Read the Bible” (Zoom)
October 14, 7-8pm – “How to Read the Bible” (Zoom)
October 21, 7-8pm – “How to Read the Bible” (Zoom)
October 23, 5:30-8:30pm – Youth Girls Event – Fall Fun
October 28, 7-9pm – Youth Group

November 21, 9am-1pm – Youth Guys Event – Hiking & Milkshakes
November 25, 7-9pm – Youth Group

December 11 – Christmas Party (more details to come)


While dGroups have been meeting more or less regularly this Summer, we are launching our Fall dGroups the first week of September 2020. dGroups will meet at the time and place determined by the different dGroup leaders. The plan is for these groups to meet every other week.

“How To Read The Bible” Small Group

In September and October, Ethan Brown will be leading a small group for both parents and students called “How to Read the Bible.” Our first meeting will be 9/2 at 7PM. This is separate from and should not be seen as a replacement for our dGroups. The material in this group is designed to help families study God’s Word together and to equip participants with a framework for understanding and applying different parts of the Bible to their lives. This group will meet weekly for one hour on Wednesday nights at 7PM over Zoom. We will “break” each month during the week of Youth Group. Some of you have already expressed interest in this group. You do not have to commit yet, but if you would like to receive the Zoom invitation to this small group each week, email Ethan at

Get Involved

Cross Park’s youth group has regular meetings for Sunday School, along with participating in yearly retreats, service projects, and other fun events.  The group is a fantastic way for teenagers to connect with friends, to study the Bible and serve the church and community together.  We believe that our youth are an important part of our church family, and we strive to help them learn while also providing them with opportunities to be involved with the entire church body.  Below you’ll find information about our latest youth Sunday School class, along with information about upcoming projects and events.

Further Info

Sunday School: postponed until further notice due to COVID19

Sunday Night Youth Group: this has been a really good time for strengthening relationships and for praying for one another in discipleship groups. We would like to add a few options for parents this coming semester, such as an occasional time for prayer while the students meet.

Monthly Events: the specific activities will vary, but we will continue to average one event per month.

Feel free to contact Jordan Olshefski or Ethan Brown if you have any questions.