Get to Know Cross Park Church

Come Worship With Us

We've all been designed for worship.  As Christians, we worship in all areas of life, but God especially calls his people to come together on Sundays to worship as a community.  Whether you're excited to worship God with the church, looking for a church to call home, or simply not sure what you believe about God, we would love for you to join us this Sunday.

If you have any questions about our church, our Contact page will connect you with us.  We want you to feel welcome, and will be happy to help you find any information you need about visiting or getting connected.


Sunday Gatherings

We get together each Sunday morning because we are remembering and celebrating the most significant event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We worship together in song, prayer, celebration of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and in hearing the Bible read and preached.

Come as you are, expecting that God will encourage or challenge you. You should expect to hear about God’s love and grace, about the work of Jesus Christ, and about our need to respond to him. Everyone is welcome, and there is nothing you need to bring except yourself. If you have a Bible, you can bring it with you. We also print the week's Bible passage in our bulletins. Our members dress in a wide variety of clothing, so there's no need to fear that you'll be over- or under-dressed.
We try to choose songs that are spiritually helpful, musically excellent, and inviting for everyone to sing. There will be a mix of old songs, new songs, and old songs done in new ways. Cross Park highly values singing that engages your heart and mind, and that fixes your focus on God during worship.
Cross Park Church loves kids, and we have lots of them! All children are encouraged and welcome to participate in the worship service. We provide nursery childcare for little ones under age 4. Kids from age 4 - 2nd Grade stay with the congregation during our singing, and can attend Children's Worship during the sermon. Older kids can engage with the sermon with the help of our children's bulletins. We also have Sunday School classes for all ages before the service, including a class for our Youth Group.
As a young church, we value investing our resources towards caring for people and doing ministry together. While it is wonderful to have a church building, we are so glad to have a partnership with Smithfield Elementary School to use their space on Sundays. We have enjoyed contributing in various ways to the school, and we love the flexibility of the space, and the opportunities that it provides our members to jump in to serving in various ways each week.
In 1 Corinthians 12, the Bible talks about the idea of being members of one body, so we value the idea membership. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as they like without becoming a member, but we do believe that in the long run we will be a better church as individuals commit their gifts to use in the community. We also believe that you will benefit more from our community life by becoming a faithful member. You can learn more in our membership classes, which happen several times throughout the year.


Times & Location

Sundays at 10:30 am
Sunday School at 9:30 am

Smithfield Elementary School
3200 Smithfield Church Road
Charlotte, NC 28210

What to Expect

At Cross Park we fully believe that God has given us the wisdom of the ages in the person of Jesus Christ and in the Bible.  When you join us you should expect to find preaching that seeks to show how the good news of God’s work speaks to your personal reality.  We will also sing songs that are shaped by the realities spoken of in the Bible.  There is childcare for young children, children’s worship for kids ages 4 through 2nd grade, and regular opportunities to participate in the Lord’s Supper.  We are a growing church that would love to welcome you on a Sunday morning.

Get Connected

Coming to our service on Sunday morning is a great way to see what Cross Park Church is like.  You can also get to know us by checking out our Sermon Series, our Worship Blog and Pastor’s Blog.  We also have small groups, and specific ministries for all ages that you can Get Connected with.  As always, feel free to Contact us with any questions.