In-Person Church Service @ RTS

Here are the details about what you need to know for our outdoor service at Reformed Theological Seminary this Sunday, 9AM, 2101 Carmel Road.

Worship Guide
There are two different links here. Both versions have the worship guide with song lyrics as well as a map showing you where to park and where the service will be. Parking is in the larger lot off of Sharon View Road and the service is in the smaller lot off of Carmel Road.

Device Friendly GuideThis first link is best for phone viewing while you are at the service, so you can follow along and sing. 
Print Friendly GuideThis link is better for those who want to print out a version of the guide and bring it along.

We will be in a parking lot, so we encourage you to bring chairs to sit on. You are welcome to bring a picnic blanket or something else, but it is a parking lot and not in the grass.

Social Distancing
We remind you to sit 6 feet apart. It will be tempting for your family to sit down with friends or for kids to go sit with friends. Please resist that temptation. Thank you.

No childcare available. This means each family needs to consider several factors about whether their children are ready to attend this event. The biggest issue is whether or not you think you can properly keep your kids socially distanced from other families. If not, you may want to have one parent stay at home with those children for now.  Also, you will probably want to bring some quiet activities to keep your kids engaged if they need it. This service will be a bit shorter and less formal than our normal services, so it is a great opportunity to work with your children on how to participate and pay attention in a worship service.

There will be bathrooms available in two buildings close to the worship area.

We encourage you to wear masks if you want to. We will have some extra masks available if you want one, but we encourage you to bring your own. Our officers are committed to wearing masks, except when speaking up front. We will also have hand sanitizer available.

We will not be serving communion at this service.