Songs for Worship – August 25, 2019

Resources for personal devotion and/or family worship—whether planned or impromptu (e.g., like singing together in the car).

These song arrangements will differ in varying degrees from what you’ll hear at Cross Park, yet these melodies will prepare you for making “a joyful noise to the LORD!”


Come and stand before your Maker, full of wonder, full of fear!
Come behold his power and glory, yet with confidence draw near!
For the One who holds the heavens and commands the stars above
Is the God who bends to bless us with an unrelenting love!

Rejoice––come and lift your hands and raise your voice!
He is worthy of all praise,
Rejoice––sing the mercies of your King,
And with trembling rejoice!

We are children of the promise––the beloved of the Lord,
Won with everlasting kindness, bought with sacrificial blood;
Bringing reconciliation to a world that longs to know
The affections of a Father who will never let them go!   Chorus

All our sickness, all our sorrows Jesus carried up the hill.
He has walked this path before us, he is walking with us still,
Turning tragedy to triumph, turning agony to praise;
There is blessing in the battle so take heart and stand amazed!

Rejoice––when you cry to him he hears your voice!
He will wipe away your tears,
Rejoice––in the midst of suffering
He will help you sing   Chorus

Words/Music: Dustin Kensrue & Stuart Townend; 2013 © Modern Hymnal Publishing, Dead Bird Theology, It’s All About Jesus Music, We Are Younger We Are Faster Music, and Unknown; CCLI License #11029770

His Mercy Is More

What love could remember no wrongs we have done?
Omniscient, all knowing––he counts not their sum!
Thrown into a sea without bottom or shore––
Our sins, they are many; his mercy is more!

Praise the Lord! His mercy is more!
Stronger than darkness, new every morn;
Our sins, they are many; his mercy is more!

What patience would wait as we constantly roam?
What Father, so tender, is calling us home?
He welcomes the weakest, the vilest, the poor––
Our sins, they are many; his mercy is more!%Chorus

What riches of kindness he lavished on us!
His blood was the payment, his life was the cost;
We stood ‘neath a debt we could never afford––
Our sins, they are many; his mercy is more!%Chorus

Music/Words: Matt Boswell and Matt Papa; 2016 © Messenger Hymns; CCLI License #11029770

Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder

Let us love and sing and wonder, let us praise the Savior’s name;
He has hushed the law’s loud thunder, he has quenched Mount Sinai’s flame.

Let us love the Lord who bought us, pitied us when enemies,
Called us by his grace and taught us, gave us ears, and gave us eyes.

He has washed us with his blood, he has washed us with his blood,
He has washed us with his blood, he presents our souls to God.

Let us sing, though fierce temptation threatens hard to bear us down;
For the Lord, our strong salvation, holds in view the conqu’ror’s crown.

He who washed us with his blood, he who washed us with his blood,
He who washed us with his blood, soon will bring us home to God.

Let us wonder grace and justice, join and point to mercy’s store,
When through grace in Christ our trust is, justice smiles and asks no more.
Let us praise and join the chorus of the saints enthroned on high;
Here they trusted him before us, now their praises fill the sky:

You have washed us with your blood, you have washed us with your blood,
You have washed us with your blood, you are worthy, Lamb of God.

Words: John Newton; Music: Laura Taylor; Arr. Will Milks; 2001 © Laura Taylor Music; CCLI License #11029770

Psalm 85

You were pleased to show your favor, LORD, to your beloved land.
You returned the wealth of Jacob, you restored his captive band.

You forgave your people’s trespass; you were pleased their sins to hide.
You withdrew your great displeasure; from your wrath you turned aside.

God our Savior, now restore us; turn away from us your rage.
Will your anger burn against us? Will it last from age to age?

Will you not again revive us, that we may rejoice in you?
Show us, LORD, your covenant mercy; your salvation and grant anew.

Let me hear what God the LORD says; to his saints he speaks of peace,
But his people must not wander and return to foolishness.

Surely unto those who fear him, his salvation is at hand,
So that once again his glory may be seen within our land.

Love and truth have met together; peace and righteousness embrace.
Righteousness looks down from heaven; from the earth springs faithfulness.

What is good the LORD will give us, and our land its fruit will bear.
Righteousness will go before him, and his steps the way prepare.

Words: OPC/URNCA 2016; Music: TRUST IN JESUS, William J. Kirkpatrick, 1882; 2018 © Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture; CCLI License #11029770

All Must Be Well

Through the love of God our Savior, all will be well.
Free and changeless is his favor––all is well!
Precious is the blood that healed us, perfect is the grace that sealed us,
Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us––all must be well!

Though we pass through tribulation, all will be well.
Ours is such a full salvation––all is well!
Happy still in God confiding, fruitful if in Christ abiding,
Steadfast through the Spirit’s guiding––all must be well!

We expect a bright tomorrow––all will be well.
Faith can sing through days of sorrow––all is well.
On our Father’s love relying, Jesus every need supplying,
Yes, in living or in dying, all must be well!

Words: Mary Bowley Peters, Matthew S. Smith; Music: Matthew S. Smith; 2007 © Detuned Radio Music; CCLI License #11029770

We Will Feast

We will feast in the house of Zion;
We will sing with our hearts restored!
“He has done great things!” we will say together,
“We will feast and weep no more!”

We will not be burned by the fire––
He is the Lord our God!
We are not consumed, by the flood––
Upheld, protected, gathered up!   Chorus

In the dark of night, before the dawn,
My soul, be not afraid;
For the promised morning––oh how long?
Oh God of Jacob, be my strength!   Chorus

Every vow we’ve broken and betrayed––
You are the faithful One––
And from the garden to the grave,
Bind us together, bring shalom.   Chorus

Words/Music: Sandra McCracken and Joshua Moore; 2015 © Drink Your Tea, Joshmooreownsthis Music; CCLI License #11029770

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