Room In the Inn

Serve the Community

Each winter, we partner with our neighbor church to serve our community through providing warm lodging and food for those without homes.  Find more information below about how to get involved, and SIGN UP if you can volunteer!

More Information about Room In the Inn

Room In the Inn Ministry
Last year, Cross Park began to partner with Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church (QHPC) in its Room In The Inn (RITI) ministry.  As a host site, QHPC opens its facilities twice a month between December and March to provide shelter and food for the homeless during the winter months. The ministry picks up assigned Guests from the Urban Ministry Center, drives them to the church, offers a warm safe place to sleep, serves two meals (dinner and breakfast) and a bag lunch to go, and returns Guests the following morning.

The overall ministry is a community-wide program coordinated by the Urban Ministry Center located in uptown Charlotte. The Urban Ministry Center serves the needs of the homeless community in Charlotte by providing necessary services for them to survive spiritually, socially and physically. Started in Nashville, TN, the RITI program was modeled by Charlotte as a way to supplement the growing demand for shelter during the winter months (December – March). These months also cover the same time frame of the Charlotte Emergency Winter Shelter.

The RITI program is a unique way for Cross Park to become directly involved with individuals who are homeless. The simple goal is to keep homeless people from freezing on cold winter nights. A greater goal is to provide hope and a loving relationship to the homeless, at least for one night.
For more information about Room in the Inn, visit the Urban Ministry Center's website at or

Nightly Schedule

Saturday Night

3:00 pm
QHPC Representative arrives to unlock the meeting room and closet for access.  
Team of 4-5 needed to set up beds, arrange tables, and prepare the facility for guests

4:30 pm
Van driver and one other depart to pick up guests from the Urban Ministry Center
Dinner prep team begins getting dinner ready as well as preparing bagged lunches to offer guests on Sunday morning
Dinner serve/clean up team arrives to manage the evening meal

5:30 pm
Greeting team welcomes guests and assists with the meal
Overnight team arrives and helps with clean up and getting prepared for the evening
Overnight team greet Guests and review rules, RITI layout and schedule/routine.

7:00pm – 9:00pm
Free Time: Watch a video, fellowship, watch TV, Bible study/devotional time, play cards/board games, etc.

9:00pm Lights Out

Sunday Morning

Food Volunteers arrive and begin breakfast preparation (this will be done by a family at QHPC – no Cross Park volunteers needed).

Wake-up. Have Guests help collect bedding.
Bedding Volunteers arrive to assist with bedding take-down and general clean-up.

6:30am Breakfast is served.

Drivers and Guests depart for the Uptown Transit Center with lunches.
Clean-up of meeting space and laundry is completed.
Breakdown of beds and reset for Sunday morning service is completed.